Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Itch

I am feeling that itch again to do something with my hair. Specifically to cut it. Not just a trim but an actual cut. We are talking taking like 8 inches off or something. I have been trying to hold off until I was thinner, so that I could use the haircut as a reward . . . but I am really wanting to cut it. I think it would be a well needed update on my look.

This is what I am recalling/missing:

I took this in January of 2006. I'd already begun to grow it out in anticipation for getting engaged and married, but it was still short enough that I wore it down and straight most of the time.

A friend asked me to look up and send her pictures of popular hairstyles and colors tonight, which only made me more antsy to cut mine . . .

So cute. . .  so summery. Grrrr . . .

Why is it so hard to cut off long hair? I miss the short hair but I think about how long it took me to grow this and that is part of the reason that I keep pushing back. But it is just hair. It grows back.

So what do you think? 5 pounds? 10 pounds? Or bite the bullet and just do it now?

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