Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's Electric

Kristie and I were safely tucked into Top Shelf, enjoying the (loud) music and sipping on our first round of martinis when I noticed the first bolt of lightening. I thought it might be a camera flash, but after I pointed out the sky from the East growing darker and darker, I knew we were in for a storm. But we happily sipped away on our drinks and settled into some great conversation.

It was pouring by the time Halley and Mel joined us.

And we sipped our drinks, chatted with people we ran into at the bar and sent stupid text messages back and forth between each other. Actually, Kristie and Halley were texting each other. Sarahbear was texting me from her sofa at home, intoxicated just enough that I couldn't coax her to come out and join us.

We then headed to Dodge City after Halley's pleading, where we danced it up a bit.

(Yeah, that's the Electric Slide they are doing. Or attemping to do in Halley's case.)

We lost Halley to the bathroom after awhile and weren't sure what was taking so long. We knew there wasn't a line. . .  Mel went in there after her, only to find her backcombing hair for the girls in there who were complaining that their hair had fallen flat.

Leave it to a beauty school student to carry a comb for teasing in her purse.

I am definitely are going to need many more nights like this . . . .

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