Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tipsy on friendship

When we get together, it's a dynamic tidal wave of news and updates and just this rapid firing of all the thoughts that have run through our heads in the past few weeks. Its strange to go from having seen these girls nearly every day for four years to hardly ever seeing them at all in our college days and now . . . here we are, somewhere in the middle of all of that. Ten years may have passed, but when we get together, we might as well still be those girls curled up in our sleeping bags at a rally sleepover. Our lives are going in so many different directions and we are lucky if we get to see each other even for an evening a month, but when we do, I relish in those few hours.

At one point in the past, I didn't speak with either of my closest friends from high school. Our lives were drifting back then as well and it was harder for us to look past our differences and just accept. It was easier to pull away, and so we did that. Those were lonely times. And though we aren't able to see each other all that often, (despite our living only miles away from each other now, though a few years ago, there were thousands of miles between us) there is something comforting about knowing that when things rough, you can call them and they will drop anything and everything to be there for you.

The annual Memorial Day weekend trip is coming up next weekend and it has been scheduled for Arizona this year (previous years have included Miami, Vegas and San Diego). Sadly, it sounds like only three of the seven of us who generally attend will be able to go this year and I am not one of them. So it was nice to be able to spend a little bit of time with the girls tonight, since I will not be there in Sedona on Memorial day, putting back a few with the ladies.

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