Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Endurance or Spite?

I am happy to say that I fully stuck to my points today and managed to get all of my water down without really realizing that I had done so. With the reunion a little over a month away and myself, honestly, hardly any closer to any type of a goal than I was the last time I mentioned the reunion, I have decided to step up the exercise and really restrict my snacking if I want to have any chance of being any smaller.

Got home and was itching to hit the gym but didn't manage to get my butt down there until after 9 pm. The gym was empty and so I jumped onto my favorite treadmill and started up the 'Downsizing' playlist on the iPod. Yeah, that's what I call my gym mix. A good mile and a half in, a couple, who seem to always show up at the gym while I am there, showed up yet again. I can come at 8 pm, 8:30 pm, 9 pm or even like noon on a Sunday and this couple always shows up!! Our gym is small and only has two treadmills and I think they like to run together, but with me there, one or the other has to wait until I am done and that generally means the girl is sitting on the bike, half-heartedly pedalling until I finish up and get off. I have never cut my workout short on their behalf but I have always felt somewhat pressured to 'hurry up'. Something about the fact that I have been somewhat trying to find a time that they aren't going to be there and they always show up just annoyed me tonight. I know, it's out of all our control, but still. You think I'd get a break sometime, right?

They have come enough times when I'm already there to know that I tend to walk about two miles or 32 minutes - which ever comes last (though they tend to coincide every time), so after the boyfriend had run a mile, he got off and started doing weight training and the girlfriend got onto the treadmill next to me, half-heartedly walking, as if she was waiting out my usual time.

Well, two miles came and I felt great. 32 minutes then came and I still felt like pushing on and Mike has been urging me to push it past my usual distance/time if I want to amp up my training at all. So I did. Despite the fact that they were pretty much waiting for me to get off the treadmill, I walked another 3/4ths of a mile. Another 8 minutes of her looking over her shoulder at him and shrugging and him finally getting on the exercycle himself as they waited out my little extra push. I cannot say that I would have walked that far had they not been there, but I have been meaning to push myself harder for the last month. So who's to say I wouldn't have regardless, right?

It's wicked of me to do it and I know that. I guess it just bothered me that where I was merrily working out before they arrived, I suddenly felt like I could only walk to two miles because there was someone else who wanted the treadmill. Generally, if I go over to the gym and the treadmills are in use, I walk back to the apartment and walk back half an hour later to see if they are clear. I don't hang around and make someone else feel pressured to wrap up their workout.

If you were working out on a piece of gym equipment and were only halfway through your workout when you knew someone else, who just arrived, was waiting to use it themselves, what would you do?

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