Saturday, June 7, 2008

Not just another day

Mike is clearly one of those men who is going to only get better looking and more distinguished as we get older.  There will come a day when he is the better looking of the two of us; I have already come to accept that. With his jawline, his eyelashes, his charming grin . . .  well I am absolutely shocked that he didn't have more women falling for him before me. I guess it's just my luck.

But I know that he will always see me as he did on our wedding day. The day he proposed. The first time we locked eyes on each other.

Mike turned 27 today, with little fanfare or hoopla. He didn't want a party this year and was even cool with having to work all day. But we'll be having our own little celebration for him tomorrow.

I don't think I can ever gush enough about how much I love this man. It comes so easily and naturally to me, loving him, that I sometimes forget to express it as much as I should.

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