Monday, July 7, 2008

Bittersweet Truths

~ I probably packed too much. Chances are, 20 shirts for 7 days is a bit extreme. But who knows what I will be feeling when it is time to get dressed or change. And to be fair, all of the tank tops that I have packed can and probably will be layered.

~ This family reunion probably will not play out like all those family reunion movies we see, where everyone meets up, gets along, gets a little too personal, have some huge emotional break-down/break-through the final night of the reunion and leave feeling some huge sense of resolution and better understanding of themselves, their lives and the direction their family/life is going. Chances are, it will be a day of traveling, a day of hanging out with family I haven't seen mostly since I was 10/14/17, three days of lots and lots of family time with aunts, uncles, cousins and second cousins, mostly getting to know them as you would a friend of a friend at a 4th of July bbq, another day of hanging out with family and then another day of traveling.

~ I will not return home as tan as I would like to think I will. Sure, I'll be more brown than when I left, but I doubt I will be even half as dark as Sarah is already.

~ I will not have as many profound blog posts to share as I hope I do. Or if I do, I will not have enough time to sit down and write/type them out.

~ I will be leaving my husband and therefore, my laptop, here in Washington. I don't know if my brother will be bringing his, but chances are, he'll be leaving his as well, so I will be not posting much while I am gone. But I will be sending pics from my phone to my Flickr account and they will automatically update on my page, so be sure to check throughout the next week. And those of you who have my cell number, text me to take another pic if I haven't taken one in awhile.

~ I am looking for readers who may be interested in posting a guest blog for me while I am gone. Let me know ASAP if you are interested and I'll connect you with Sarah, who will be posting them for me.

~ Sad to admit (really, really sad to admit) but I am going to feel a bit lost without Myspace for a week.

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