Monday, October 20, 2008

I got nothin'

I am having one of those surging internal struggles right now, where I know I need to blog and I am dying to blog (because it's been too long) and yet . . . creative juices are not flowing. In the words of a lesser man - "I got nothing."

Today was a fantastic day. Truly. Just an all around great day. What happened? Nothing, really. Nothing exciting to anyone other than me. I slept in, had some amusing dreams ( my purse stolen from me in prison ((I was a prisoner - yet they let me keep my purse)), sexually heated moments with Chris Noth ((this is a new celebrity crush. He's like 54, right?))), got our new laptop power adapter cord from China, chatted with Sarah on the phone, organized my closet, received both book one and two of the Twilight series, had the emissions tested on my car and renewed my tabs and voted for our next President. See? Nothing special. But just a great day. I've been on the internet a limited amount of time in the last week due to a faulty power cord and we had to replace it (again).

Agggghh! I hate this. I sometimes feel like I am running out of ideas. I am going to take the NaBloPoMo again this year - but do it in only photo form this year. Maybe portraits . . . maybe objects . . . maybe lightening will strike with something soon.

Maybe I'll get pregnant just to have something new to discuss.


Off to meet Bella and Edward.

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