Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Finish Line

It's kind of hard to believe that I only have 23.25 hours left. Seriously, unreal. How quickly these weeks and months have passed and yet, there were days that would drag on so slowly, I could feel myself aging. I cannot imagine how some of my classmates have done this for a year and a half or two years or even three. But the flexible schedule the VSB offers is made for people like them, who cannot come 9 to 5 or 9 to 8, as in my case.

I am not really sure when it all kind of clicked together and started to make sense, but somewhere along the way, it did. I am not about to boast that I am any good at anything, but I definitely don't feel the urge to run and hide every time a client walks through the door. Well, sometimes, I do, but if you saw some of the people who walked through our doors, you'd understand. You'd run and hide too.

I knew going in that this would be the kind of schooling and education where I got about as much out of it as I put in. But I was confident in the fact that I was a bit older, with a little bit more real world workplace experience behind me, knowing that no, I do not want to work with filing cabinets for the rest of my life. I don't want to put phone calls through to voicemail and I certainly do not want to spend my life stuck under a salary cap because most receptionists/assistants do not make more than $XX.XX amount of money an hour.

I wanted something that wouldn't deaden my creativity, that wouldn't keep me pinched under micromanagement and political power struggles in an office setting. While I could dress up and play the part, I couldn't keep the improv of happy office worker going forever.

It still kills me that this is a job. No, a career. People are going to pay me to play with their hair. To paint their nails. To inflict necessary pain on them with rapid hair removal. To do their makeup and make them feel fabulous. It's too much fun.

It really has been fun. Honestly, there is no other way I could have imagined spending the last 8.5 months of my life. This was probably the smartest move I have made in a very long time. I'm just so glad that I had the tenacity to see it through.

I never doubted I wouldn't make it, but it's still kind of amazing to see that I am really here at the finish line.

I take my practical boards on Dec 2nd. I need to schedule my written exam here for hopefully next week. And then, I'll be licensed and ready to work just in time for the Christmas season.

Christmas already? Where did 2008 go?

Oh, that's right. I waxed it.

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