Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Now before anyone jumps to conclusions here

This is an impulsive buy. Nothing more! Do not read into this as anything other than a penguin lover/future mother (in say, 2012) seeing a onesie for $1.00 at Target.

It was too cute and too cheap to pass up. And definitely led to a priceless, confused look on Mike's face when he started digging around in my shopping bag to see what I had purchased. And I reassured him, as I am doing now to you, dear Internet, there is no bun in the oven.

I was out with Sarah today and she point blank asked me "When are you going to have a baby?". She's more persistent than my mother about this. I love my best friend and I know she is just anxious to see me pregnant and doting over my own children the way I do her babies. Her girls are all so beautiful and smart. Larkin and I were having a picture Q and A in their foyer today and she pointed out every one of her family members perfectly. I am shocked how quickly these little girls are growing and how quickly they are becoming people, with opinions and personalities and determination.

I look forward to that, in my own time. Something has shifted in me in the last month and where I felt I was just bidding my time until it was "financially appropriate" for us to have a child, now I realize that I am still not ready for it. I still need to be a little selfish before I can become as self-less as a mother needs to be.

But still, the onesie was too cute and I know come 2012, it won't around. So I'll tuck it into a drawer somewhere and wait.

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