Monday, December 29, 2008

Checks and Balances

Lost Tom Sanders (11/21/2008)

Lost Heather, Jessica B and Margaret

Gained Caryn.

Gained Kristie, Tearie, Crystal, Jessyka, Charlotte, Ava, Hallie, Raye and Jessi.

Gained Rondi.

Celebrated my first wedding anniversary

Hit a crossroads in life and paved my own path

Chopped ten inches from my hair

Got bangs. Twice.

Learned my natural haircolor is technically a dark blond.

Met my brother's type of girl (who is awesome).

Finally visited my brother in Seattle and Finally saw the side of Seattle that so many people love.

Totally envied my brother's amazing loft apartment. Best Craigslist find in history.

Fell back in love with writing.

Found the Twilight saga


Gained a professional license.

Earned a better score on my Board Exams than I had expected to.

Dropped twenty pounds.

Branched out in my musical preferences

Saw more snow fall than I have since 2003

Learned how crazy some people can be

Reconnected with an old boyfriend's mom. She is a riot.

Watched Dylan and Nicolle tie the knot.

Watched Sarah's twins grow from babies to toddlers.

Read as four of my favorite bloggers became mothers (some of them, for a second time)

Realized I am still not ready to become a Mommy blogger.

Came to understand more now than ever the life is a compromise.

Pushed myself harder and further than I have in a very long time.

Fulfilled a long time dream of seeing Celine Dion live. Laugh all you want but that woman knows how to put on a show.

Finally got back to Seneca Lake. Got to meet family I hadn't before, connect with adorable children of my cousins. Kicked ass at the family Blackjack table. Finally got to meet my adult cousins as the adult I now am. Gave my aunt a fairly decent haircut with cheap scissors from IKEA. Got to see Tom one last time before he passed.

Got a new sofa, new dining room table and the BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe. EVER.

Enjoyed countless hours with my dearest and closest friends - these incredible women compel me daily to seek out the best in myself and create only the best around me. You know what makes our friendships great? We aren't all exactly alike. We contrast and compliment each other in ways that only the best friendships can.

Built a very cool friendship with my husband. When the honeymoon wears off (and it does), you have to be able to look at this person and know there is more to "you" than whatever those love-filled goggles showed you the first two - three years. Sure, he annoys me and yes, I nag him. But there is no one I would rather stay up until the crack of dawn with, watching movie marathons and making scramby eggs with. Mike and I will be celebrating our 4th Christmas together this year.

Decided next Christmas, I am celebrating it in Hawaii.

2008 was pretty damn great (and I half meant to rhyme), even if it meant stretching our finances to the point they are nearly invisible and severely altering my interpretation of down time. I've come to realize that there will always be an obstacle that I can let get in my way or I can just find a way around it. Mike is unbelievably supportive, sometimes getting more excited about things in my life than I do.

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