Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just give me a couple of years to say my prayers

I read once in a novel that if the last thing you said before going to bed on the last night of a month and the first thing you said the following morning were both "Rabbit", you'd be lucky that whole new month. I haven't ever actually tried it (REALLY! I haven't!) but the idea has stuck with me. Despite my lack of participation, I am starting to feel that maybe April is going to be our lucky month.

I cannot begin to share the elation we are feeling tonight at the prospect of this amazing opportunity that is in front of us. I have been praying every single night for the last two months for a windfall of one sort or another and it is finally looking like God is answering. It is so incredible, it can only be a gift from a higher power.

I won't say much because being the silly stupid girl I am, I am fearful of jinxing the situation. But keep your fingers crossed and say little prayers for us. We need a miracle for sure.

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