Monday, June 15, 2009

Where to even begin

  The upcoming weekend is a big one because not only is it Father's day, but also, it is my mother's birthday. And while last year, my dad and I successfully pulled off a wonderful surprise party for my mother (complete with out of town guests), this year feels like it should be even bigger for us. Because this house we're moving into - my parents are buying for us. 

    It was kindly brought to my attention that I may be making it seem like Mike and I are purchasing the house ourselves and God, I wish we were in the financial situation where we could be buying a house right now. But the economy is shit (didn't know you???) and we are no closer to buying a house than I was ten years ago. Haha. Sad but true. However, my parents are the kind of people who have the foresight to see what kind of an investment another rental house would be for them (they own several all ready) and having their daughter  living there will increase the value in the long run too. Because I am itching for a house of my own and by the time we leave,  it will be even in better condition than when we move in. Light fixture improvements, color . . . etc. 

    So I have no idea what to do for either of them on their respective holidays, but I do (finally) have a couple of days coming up beforehand and will find something then (hopefully).

    Mom and I have been looking for some great upholstery fabric to recover the dining room table chairs with. The table is in great condition, as are the seats, but the current fabric has to go. It's pretty, but so not my style. This, however, is:

You're thoughts?

Also, been wondering what color to do my scrap/sew/write/knit/office room in. I want something inspiring . . . probably something purple. I cannot help but love things in purple. 


  1. However it is you came by the house, it's wonderful to be moving into one. Especially one that you can make your own. I'm happy for you two. I love the fabric - I think you should go for it! And go crazy - paint your "craft cave" purple!

  2. of course you know I would think purple as well ;-) I cant wait to see your house and I am so there if you want help with your chairs ;-) love you