Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Baby Steps

It's a few minutes shy of midnight and I cannot think of anything specific to write about. My day was typical, but boring, because Kristie wasn't there and Halley didn't arrive until nearly 2 pm. I did well on staying within my points today and came home to my husband eager and ready for me to cut his hair. And then I made him some grilled cheese sandwiches and watched "Beerfest" with him. Action packed day!

Earlier this week, while grocery shopping at Winco, I purchased a couple of their reusable "Green Bags" to ease my conscious about having such green friends and not being as eco-friendly myself. We do our best to separate our recycling from the garbage and I reuse the paper and plastic bags I have taken in the past from grocery stores as lunch bags and garbage bags too, but I knew it was time to step it up a bit. I really like the bags from Trader Joe's, but seeing as how I shop at Winco so much more frequently, it only makes sense to purchase a couple of their's. Rumor has it that the store will knock ten cents off your total for each of their Green bags you use, but I haven't noticed it in my receipt yet. Of course, that is not the reason I purchased them. I actually like filling them with my purchases; they seem to hold a lot more than the paper or plastic bags.

Also, my friend Ava at school is trying her best to turn me on to more tofu and gluten dishes, as she is a strict vegetarian herself. She had a dish today that I couldn't resist and she offered me a bite of the gluten. The texture was a little odd but it was tasty. I wouldn't mind having it again.

I am trying to make myself try more new things whenever I can. Natile (another beauty school classmate) got me to try sushi a while back and while it wasn't my favorite, it is something I would try again too. My brother loves sushi, so I only felt it fair that I should text him and let him know that a California roll had passed my lips.

Baby steps, folks, baby steps.

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