Saturday, June 28, 2008


One month to go until we celebrate our one year anniversary. Mike has already told me that he is planning something pretty sweet for the day (or evening - who knows. It's a Monday this year.) Of course, I have no ideas of what to get him for a gift. None, whatsoever. Neither paper nor clocks provide any help into what I could possibly get him as a first anniversary gift that says "Thanks for marrying me and still thinking/feeling it was the best decision you've ever made. I feel the same way."

Traditional                  Modern
1st - Paper                  Clocks
2nd - Cotton                China
3rd - Leather               Crystal/Glass
4th - Fruit/Flowers       Appliances 
5th - Wood                 Silverware
6th - Candy/Iron         Wood
7th - Wool/ copper      Desksets
8th - Bronze Pottery     Linen/Lace
9th - Pottery/ Willow    Leather
10th - Tin/Aluminum     Diamonds

Before anyone suggests a wristwatch, he already has a nice one that my parents got him for Christmas. And paper . . . well I have no idea what kind of paper he could utilize.

The only thing I can think of is a new and improved wedding band. His original was the ring from The Lord of the Rings, not because I am that big of a fan but because he is a pretty big fan and it was the only ring that he could get excited about. But since the day we said "I do" it's been a poor choice. Great conversation starter, but a poor choice otherwise. The ring was sterling silver dipped in gold, so you could see the elvish written on it. The gold version came in one size and Mike was positive it would fit. It doesn't. It's too big. So for the first year of our marriage, he's been wearing his wedding ring on his middle finger. Also, by a month into wedded bliss, the gold had pretty much scratched off and now . . . well, you can't tell that it once had the elvish on the outside of the band.

This is what I have in mind to get him:

It's a Tungsten Carbon Fiber ring with a comfort fit, which a friend recommended to me. I need to take Mike to the jeweler to let him pick one out, but I like that the tungsten is scratch-proof. I think this one may be too embellished for him.

Anyone got any suggestions??? Ideas?

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