Monday, June 30, 2008

A new religion . . .

Sometimes, I have this incredible urge to just go out and buy something ridiculously expensive. I know our financial situation - I am the one in charge of the bills. But it doesn't stop a part of me from thinking "What would it hurt?"

From shoes to clothes to an expensive camera to a lucious vacation for Mike and I . . .  the desire is there, but the reality is always underlying and I realize that we have to be practical. There is the house we want, the children we should save for, the vacations we'd like to take and somehow, Bebe clothes and Uggs seem to fall down the "Want" list. I'm not knocking them . . . just realizing I shouldn't be buying everything I desire.

So what do I do? I go out and buy a ghd IV styler. It's a flat iron. An amazing flatiron. A new religion, the tagline of the product boasts. On Wednesday, Karsen and I went to two different Cosmo Profs in Portland to get our very own ghds after she'd called around all morning trying to track down a few of them for us.

We each got this:

It's currently available at for just under $300 dollars, but I can assure you that I spent far less than that. A perk to be in the industry, I suppose.

I justify owning this in two ways. One, it is so much better for your hair than other flatirons, so I am obiviously using it on my own hair and in having healthy, cute hair, will be great advertisizing for myself. Two, when I get into a salon, I can charge a minimum of 15 dollars for a flatiron service to customers. My instructor works at a salon on her off days and charges $25 a service.

When I bought it, I had to tell Mike. It's kind of how the marriage works. He bawked at first, but when I pointed out that it was a tool and how much we've poured into his tools for his career . . . well, he understands.

Being as money conscious as we have to be, thanks to gas prices and my lack-of-a-job status, I have decided that the iron replaces my Coach for the year. I know it may sound silly to some, but I only buy one handbag a year. It's the only way I can justify buying Coach. So instead of a nice Fall bag, I'll be sporting shiny, healthy, straight hair for the season (or two or three).

Still, it doesn't silence my desire for standing with Mike on the Irish coastline or the Nikon to document the trip . . . someday, I'll have both.

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