Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In need of some Rockstar or Redbull

I found this interesting entry on Kymberli Q's blog and thought I'd take a turn at it. I've got some time to kill anyways. . .

This is how the game works:

Use Google image search to answer each question. Then, out of ONLY the first page of results, choose your favorite or most random image. It's kinda weird, but fun. Let me know if you do it so I can see who you ARE!



A place I'd like to visit:

My Favorite object:


My Favorite Food:


My Favorite Animal:


My Favorite color:


A Favorite place:


The Town Where I was born:


A past love:


My Screen Name:

(My Flickr icon)

One of my bad habits:


What I am doing right now:

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