Monday, July 21, 2008

Three years ago

Today marks the three year anniversary of my life beginning the changes that have led me to today. Three years ago today, I signed up for MySpace. Yeah, I am sure that you are scoffing "So what? Big deal. It's Myspace." and to a certain degree, I would have to agree. I can remember the first time I logged on and looked around, i was less than impressed. I really didn't know anyone on here and didn't do anything with my page after signing up for several weeks.

Before I'd ever signed up, the only person I knew who used Myspace was a former friend (we've just lost touch) who was a pretty active swinger. I quickly assumed that MySpace was like LavaLife or AdultFriendFinder and wasn't all that interested in meeting horny men looking for a third to spice up their flailing marriage. But after a co-worker and friend who wasn't a Swinger kept encouraging me to sign-up, I did. And then my page sat for about three weeks, unused.

Since really getting into it, I have made several amazing friends on here, who have changed my life and made it so much richer, grander than I thought it could be. You meet amazing women like Sarah Costa and all the friends she has brought into my life in the last two years and I cannot help but wonder what my life would be like without her in it. Of course there is that small chance that I would have met her somehow, in some way, since we both live here in Vancouver and it isn't that big. But we met here, on MySpace and I proudly add her to my list of closest and dearest friends.

Obviously, the biggest change that Myspace brought into my life was that Mike, my husband and I met on here. Despite the fact that we'd gone to middle school and high school together, we'd never had a class together and would both graduate and move on, only to find each other on freakin' MySpace. Actually, Mike found me. And continued to pester me for a week or so before I relented and started to really talk to the guy . . . and of course, the rest is history.

Three years ago today, I sat bored at my desk at work, in between applicants and data entry and answering the phones and started Who would have ever known that something that has been deemed to "ruin lives" would make mine so grand?

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