Monday, August 25, 2008

Make it or Break it

They say it takes 21 days to break an old or form a new habit and I always have a small list of a handful of habits that I would like to break/make. They are bad habits that I have continually done since I was probably a child, such as discarding the day's outfit on the floor as I got ready for bed and waited to rehang them until the pile was too large and annoyed me too much ( aka I was sick of stepping on them).

Also, picking out the following day's outfit the night before, instead of standing in front of my closet for far too long in the mornings, trying to decide what to wear that day. I have gone as far as to hang a hook outside my closet, so that the designated outfit would have a place to readily hang.

I am awful about getting my hair and makeup done before I leave the house and while I do go to school in a huge beauty salon, it is frowned upon to do your hair and makeup there and so many days, I just go without. Let me tell you, I look better with makeup on. Perhaps that is why I like it so much . . . it really does enhance my features.

Ideally, I would take ten extra minutes to put my lunch together the night before, just as I do Mike's. I think I would be less prone to just grab a frozen SmartOne's and actually prepare something homemade, like a salad.

Throwing out junk mail when I receive it instead of just laying it down and then picking it up in a feng shui attack once a week or so. The junk has been greatly reduced since I got on the list to stop all the damn credit card offers.

Being less of a pack rat when it comes to my closet and throwing out (donating, giving away) clothes I don't wear anymore. I hate to admit it, but I have things in my closet that I have worn since high school. I take good care of my clothing (despite the pile in the bedroom), so these articles don't look like things I have worn since 1998, but when I sport a sweater I rocked in my senior portraits, I know it is time to discard some things and update my wardrobe.

Get up when my alarm goes off and make better use of the morning instead of sleeping in until that last possible moment and then rushing out the door.

See? Primarily, these are silly little habits that I have harbored since at least 1991 and they are ones that I always think to attempt to change. It's not a good idea to try to take them all on at the same time, but to focus on one or two and be mindful of the others until I have successfully changed one and am able to move on.

What habits would you like to change, quit or initiate?

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