Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So final, so quick are the hands of destiny

Clear signs that this is really happening and that I am actually going to A. LOVE it and B. be damn good at it.

1. The numerous emails from friends asking when I am at school so they can come by and have services done. Folks, I am there Open to Close, Tuesdays through Saturdays. (9 am to 8 pm Tues - Fri and 9 am to 6 pm on Sat). Come see me.

2. The growing number of request clients I am getting. Last week, I had one a day. Five requests in a week? Nice.

3. The growing collection of "professional" tools I am acquiring. I finally purchased the shears that Kate and Aja had given me birthday money for back in April. Instead of the $340 shears that came with nothing but themselves, I opted to get the equally nice/expensive, yet coincidentally on special with matching thinning shears and a feather razor Joewells. And a case. And a pink flat iron. All which came at a nice, chewable tablet price. Sweet.

4. When clients ask how much more school I have and I can tell them "Eleven weeks". Not that I am counting. I mean, I definitely am, but more for the "we need to get me back out there and making money" aspect than the "I need the HELL out of here" aspect that a number of my classmates get near the end of their schooling here at VSB.

5. The vast array of skills that I have been collecting in the past few weeks - like head shaving, and ear candling.

6. The still very astonishing realization that I only thought up and decided to do this on January 12th of this year. A year ago at this time, I had no idea that this was on my horizon. I was sitting in the lunch room today talking with my friend Crystal when it hit me that had my life not gone the way it did last winter, I wouldn't be where I am now.

I am once again reaffirmed that everything happens for a reason.

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