Monday, September 1, 2008

The Little Things

You know what one of the smallest but most motivating things that can happen when you are trying to lose weight is? When someone you don't see often, or perhaps, do see often, but are unaware of the fact that you are doing this whole thing, mentions that you are looking good. Thinner. Skinny. I had that happen twice this week and it just boosted me a little higher. Pushed me a little harder on the treadmill. Made me look a little more closely in the mirror to see if I actually was seeing anything yet.

I honestly can't see it in the mirror. So I take a picture every week of myself at the same time, in the same outfit and then I upload it to a collection on the computer. Sure enough, you can see it. Yet, I still look forward to more noticable signs than photos I have to flip back and forth between to see.

I tried on those size smaller jeans I got for my birthday yesterday. They fit better than the last time I tried them on, but I still feel I should wait another five pounds before attempting to wear them out of the house. Which stinks, because my jeans right now are too big . . . they look baggy and sloppy and that is not my style. But that is the price we pay.

Mom got both Mike and I tshirts from Seneca Lake and of course, Mike was living in his within an hour. But mine was a ladies tshirt (you know, the ones that are cut to actually look good on women? The regular kind tent of the chest and just make us look square?) that I didn't have the nerve to even try on. So I hung it up and kind of forgot about it. Yup . . . put it on today and it fit like a glove. Small victory.

One of the items on my to do list tomorrow is to clean out the bigger clothes that need to be removed from my wardrobe permanently. If I don't have them to slip back into if I start to feel like splurging too much.

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