Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ghosts of Christmases Past

I am joyfully putting up our little tree and Christmas decorations around the apartment, listening to my favorite playlist I threw together last year and just enjoying that it is past boards and I am finally able to focus on the season. And then I come across ornaments from old Christmases, ones my mom gave my ex-boyfriend and I when we were together. It doesn't feel right to toss them and I cannot ignore the fact that they were for Zack and I (because my mom dates and writes names on EVERYTHING. ) and just use them anyway.

What would you do? There is an ornament from the year Nathaniel and I were together, but we didn't write "Betsy and Nathaniel, Christmas 1998" on it. It's just a sweet Cinderella ornament, so it doesn't feel weird to see it hung on my parent's tree. But to hang these on my own tree, in the home I share with my husband? Too far, too bold, too nostalgic.

I guess they'll just be tucked into the bottom of a box, to be forgotten again until next season.

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