Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Love My Life

It isn't so much a sense of accomplishment that swells in my heart tonight, but a equal mixture of relief, anticipation and eagerness. Relief because the wondering of how hard the tests would be and how well I would fair is over. I passed both tests, first time taking each, without a doubt in my mind. Anticipation because, of course, the next step is to find a job and start strutting my skills. Eagerness because for the first time, I have skills that other people out there, don't. Sure, I was quite the smooth receptionist and I can make some tasty coffee and I could count an even till nearly every night at the bank. But anyone could step into those positions and have a feel for it within a few weeks (or days, for that matter).

The test was easy, but only because I practiced and practiced and practiced some more. I didn't lose my cool and I didn't freak myself out. I figured that as long as I knew what I was doing, I really couldn't go wrong. And I didn't. Out of 100 possible points, I scored an 88. Not a shabby score, in all honesty.

The sense of accomplishment is small. This is just the first step in the line of goals Mike and I have laid out for ourselves and our marriage. Me graduate, repay my parent's kindness, get Mike through school, buy a house, "put a bun in my oven" as Mike says, and just live out our life together. It's still a spread out future, but it's one step closer now. Nothing really is holding me back from getting a first job in my new career and I feel comforted in that. This career is something that I can shape and mold for myself. No corporate micromanagement to slow me down. They stand in my way, I step around them.

Deep sigh of relief. I love my life tonight.

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