Monday, December 15, 2008

Spare No Expense

With the state of our current finances, Christmas is going to be extremely small for us this year. I am not expecting many (if any) gifts at all, and I am entirely okay with that. But I was thinking about what I would want if money were not scarce and theses were the things that came to mind. It was kind of fun . . .

iHome Portable because I am tired of burning discs of my playlists, my computer's speakers aren't that great and those earphones get uncomfortable after a while.

Nikon D90 - One of  my requirements before we have kids is that I have an excellent camera so I can capture their moments properly. Plus, it would be nice to brush up on my photography skills.

Coach - I sacrificed my Coach handbag for the year (I allow myself one a year) for my GHD flatiron (THE BEST FLATIRON IN THE WORLD!!!) and I don't regret it in the least. But I love this bag and it would look so pretty on me.

J Charm - I have the "B" and I have the "F" Coach charms. I just need the "J" to complete my monogram. And I love the colors!!

Key Fob - I do not discuss much my love for penguins on my blog, for fear that I will come off like the Jessica Alba character in "Good Luck Chuck". But I do love them and about 90% of my Christmas decorations are penguins. If possible, my baby's nursery will be in penguins. Let us not forget this is already waiting for them. But this key fob is adorable and I would carry it year-round.

Horseshoe - I had a good luck duck, but I gave it to a friend when I graduated school last month. But it never hurts to have a little luck on your side, nor does it hurt to sport Tiffany's

Blackberry Pearl - I am notorious for pocket calls (Sorry Aja!!) and have only had clam phones since about 2003, but the Blackberry is so slick and someday, I hope to be busy enough to need something like this to corrdinate my life.

Henley B Exterior  Henley B Interior Blueprints
Henley B - These townhouses are being built in Vancouver and the houses on the 'island' have garages in the back. Side yards (not shown in the picture) are perfect for a newlywed couple or small family. The fact they are being built walking distance from my parent's house is coincidental, but since I toured the model, I have been aching to make it my home. Maybe in a couple years.

Infiniti G 37 Journey - Sometime in the next year or two, we will be in a place where we can hand my car to Mike and buy me something new (probably with a decent warranty). But if I had my pick  . . . it would be this.

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