Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cue the theme song from The Hills

Perhaps it is coincidence or fate or my damn good luck that I will be starting my first job in my new career one year to the week as I lost my last one. This same very week last year, I had the rug pulled out from under me and my eyes opened to the fact that there has to be something better for me out there then answering phones, filing stacks of papers and processing job applications for other people.  I had always been under the impression that I would just find a job and do it until we got to the place where we could have me stop working and have babies. But come on. In this day and age, the likelihood of being able to support a family on one income is near to impossible and those who do it, I have the utmost respect for, simply because I do not know how they do it.

Now, I have found and earned a career that I love. That is fun and exciting and not stressful in those mundane ways that my old jobs were. I get to be creative and charismatic. Eventually, I will get to be my own boss and set my own hours and just reap the benefits of this fantastic future ahead of me. Of course I still want kids, but waiting a few more years does not seem as daunting or punishing as it did a year ago.

So off I go tomorrow to cut and color and make the world beautiful. I've been cleaning out my closet of my old office clothes and been doing a little shameless shopping for new salon wear. New year, new job, new me.

I'm already loving it.

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