Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday : Blue

I had quite a bit of luck with blue today.

Two knitting projects . . .  my fingerless gloves and a scarf I am working on.


I have a lot of holiday penguin stuff.  A LOT.


He needs a nickname. Any suggestions?


My cell phone. It only came in blue. I have a love/hate relationship with it.


My reward stars for my pathetic weightloss chart. I get a star each day I get my butt to the gym.


One of my favorite magnets.


Paper towels


Aluminum knitting needles.

I noted that there was no purple day in Color Week, which makes me sad, since it's my favorite color. So I am adding a purple day to the end of the week. I welcome you all to join me.


  1. hmm, thats weird... i thought i added purple to color week, its my favorite color too! so ill be joining you on purple day :)
    lovely blue photos!

  2. How about 'Perky' for a name?

    I agree - purple isn't my favourite but it would be interesting to see what I do have with that colour.

    I like the knitting needle shot!

  3. Lots of blue finds. Pretty paper towels and quite a few blue penguins. Very cute. I'm sure I can find purple too.

  4. The stars gave me a little giggle. :) I am thinking that is a very good way to be visually made aware of sticking to your goals. Might need to think about that one.

  5. Love the blue photos. The stars are great.