Friday, December 18, 2009

What's my motivation???

     I suck at low intensity workouts. Well, I mean, it's not official, but I tried to do a fat burning low intensity workout today on the elliptical at the gym and failed to keep my heartrate at the projected rate of 125 bpm. Nope, mine had to be like 155 - 167 the whole time. Ehhh. But I definitely did sweat and it was much easier to stick with it for a longer amount of time. So if I get up early enough tomorrow, I'll head back on over and try the low intensity workout again before my shift at work.

     While shopping yesterday, I tried on some clothes for gifts for me. You know how it is. I've kind of reached the age where there really are no surprises anymore at Christmas and I am okay with that. I would rather get things that I am eyeing than hope I get something worth the same amount that I can return later and get. While trying on these various items, I had to keep in mind that while they may not fit right now, they will most definitely be fitting sooner or later. The last time I lost a decent amount of weight, I got rid of all of my clothes that were size 14, refusing to ever let myself get that big again. I have one option - lose the weight.

    So I use that as motivation, along with the number of other clothing items I have purchased and never worn yet. They are rewards for reaching certain sizes. Rewards for becoming the person on the outside that I feel I should be. That I have always felt I should be. I see pictures from the past that are realistic in how I want to look again and yes, there is a celebrity or two who's shape I wouldn't mind looking more like. Of course, my boobs would probably stay a lot bigger. But these are what gets me to the gym and keeps me from eating things that I will regret later.

    Also, there is the fact that I have at least one, if not two weddings I will be attending next year, one of which I am pretty sure I will be in. And even though it won't be my big day, I don't want to feel like a poor choice for a bridesmaid in any fashion.

    Mostly though, my motivation is the simple fact that I want to finally get myself into the healthy habits I should have embrace YEARS ago, in hopes that I won't be fighting my weight as I have in the past. That Mike and I will both take our health and appearances and teach our (future) children to be active and healthy and not fall into the ruts that we have.

   Back in July, after we moved into the house, I swore off all fast food for a month. Not sure if I succeeded or not. But I decided to do the same for December, and as of today, the 17th, I have not consumed one french fry or chicken nugget and the only "burger" I had was a gardenburger at McMenamins. I know, it's bragging, but I am pretty proud. Even when I was doing the Atkins' diet, I never could give up french fries.


  1. Great job on taking out the fast food. Did you notice a weight or energy change from it? Not sure how often you ate it before for there to be a difference but I am very curious :)

  2. I have heard before that if you eat fast food on a regular basis, you start to crave it. Its as if they put something in the grease or something.

    Reflecting now, I should admit (I just forgot until tonight) that last week, we did go to Sonic and I had an Oreo SonicBlast. I justify that it does not fit into the "Fast Food" category because A. We'd never been to Sonic before and B. It wasn't anything fried.

    As for how I feel . . . I feel stronger, at least in the willpower department. I don't find I desire it as much, even though I have the Jack in the Box within walking distance at work. But so far, not much else. I've dropped about five pounds this last week, but I contribute that more to my workouts and point counting.