Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday : Green

 Yesterday was a last minute, "Oh crap! I need yellow" collection. Today, I had all day to look for green things around the salon and then at home. I tried to stay away from the Christmas stuff since green is way too much of a given there.

Lindsey's festive mirror


American Crew Forming Cream (great for faux hawks)


Christmas Cactus baby from my mother's plant (I have another that is blooming, but I show it on the pink day)


The lone green pen (but it writes in black!)


Courtknee's green green eyes


And finally Tiny Tim . . . Mike accidentally broke his legs off a few years ago. I glued them back on with super glue.


  1. Tiny Tim is adorable, I am glad you were able to fix his legs and let him hang around a bit longer ;)

  2. wow! you found a lot of green! lovely photos! xo

  3. Nice assortment of green! Love the mirror...

  4. Very cool selection of green things. Like the mirror and those eyes!