Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pictures, dishes and socks . . .

   I should be packing right now. I am surrounded by piles - piles to keep, piles to store and piles to get rid of. I should be folding and placing and labeling and closing chapters of my life(such as the chapter of the lacy boy shorts that were never comfortable, yet somehow, I managed to own about twenty pairs of them) but instead, I am avoiding it all with great amounts of self-pity and procrastination.

   He moves out tomorrow. He'll get up, go to work, I'll get up, go to work and when I get off and come home, all of his stuff will be gone and with it, him. No last hug or kiss or even goodbye. And knowing this, I cannot stomach the idea of sleeping in this house one night without him. So theoretically, tonight is also my last night in the house. Our house.

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