Tuesday, June 22, 2010


     In less than seven weeks, I will be participating in my first wedding, other than my own and the search is on for a knee length, minimal cleavage revealing black dress. The bride decided to let her bridesmaids choose their own dresses, with the two previously mentioned requirements. Being chesty, that second requirement definitely makes things a little more difficult for me. And though this day will most definitely not be about me, I do want to look my best. So the search is on. And so is massive amounts of working out and hitting the WW with religious-like dedication.

So far, these are my favorites (in my price range):
London Times Dress from Macy's
Maggie London Sleeveless from Nordstrom

Both, as you can see if you check the links are slim fitting. Which means absolutely no mercy at the gym. I actually want to look better for this wedding than I did at my own and I think this time, I have the willpower to achieve it.

Oh, did I mention I'm the Maid of Honor in this wedding?

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