Wednesday, June 16, 2010



Just a quick hello before I head downstairs to fix dinner for "The Boy". Been casually seeing someone for the last month or so and its been going very well. Our work schedules don't always match up, but we have been trying to keep Wednesdays as our standard "date night". Kind of strange to be back in the world of dates and such.

I know its been a few months since I last updated and I miserably failed the Love List. I am going to try to stay more on top of things here. Been busy with work, working out (I am hitting the gym 5 days a week now), reading and occasionally spending time with "The Boy". But also, I picked up a fun new toy for my birthday in April- a Nikon D40.  Above is one of the many shots I have taken with it, of our family dog, Sparky.  It is part of a birthday present I am making for my mom. 


I am so excited that Blogger finally came out with easy to adjust and manipulate layouts. I tweaked this yesterday to mimick a layout I have loved from years but was never made for Blogger.  

So. . . how are you? 


  1. Such a cutie pie! Glad to hear your "back in the saddle" and taking care of yourself. That's wonderful!

  2. Great shots of sparky! Love your new layout too!