Friday, January 27, 2012

Sweet Jebus

It's been almost 17 months since I last blogged. I had my reasons, I'm sure, though I cannot recall what all they were. It wasn't like a decision I came to one day, or any form of a clear thought like "That's it, I am NOT blogging anymore." I just stopped.

I have missed it. I suppose I figured most of the friends who were visiting here and reading this were also on my facebook and could just read up on things there. But the bigger facebook gets, the more people you find or find you and before you know it, your fourth grade teacher, your third cousin on your mother's side in England and your long last pen pal from middle school are all your friends and you suddenly develop a very strict filter.

Of course, it probably is a good thing that I haven't been blogging. My fiancee (yes, I have one of those now!!!!) is a very private man and he isn't thrilled that I post as much as I do on facebook. I can only imagine what he would say/feel about me posting so much more openly on here than I do on there. However, I was the girl who wrote her Senior Paper in high school on censorship, so it may come down to me just flexing those filter muscles and being careful. Who knows where it will lead.

I still have people coming all of the time and reading an entry I wrote back in 2008. It's crazy, but I suppose that is what happens when you use a fan fiction author's name in your title. So I am going to try to be a little bit better about updating the blog.

So let's see. I left off with a few tales of horrific dates I had been on. And I had a few more after that. Then, in the winter of 2010/2011, I decided to take a break from dating entirely. It just got to be exhausting, trying to find someone, so I decided I would just wait a bit for him to find me. And he did. Or rather, friends found him for me.

In February 2011, a friend named Courtney sent her husband Trevor in for a haircut and while I was taming his mullet (no, I am dead serious. It's gone now, but back then, it was all business/party) he happened to ask if I was seeing anyone. I wasn't and told him so. He didn't say much else. So a week went by and Courtney came in with their son for his hair to be trimmed and I asked her about it.

"Oh, that's because he wants to introduce you to someone."

Now, this couple set me up about a year prior to that with a gentleman who was nice enough, but we didn't hit it off. I was a bit skeptical after that, simply because I didn't know if they knew what kind of guy I was looking for. To my recollection, they never met my ex, so they didn't have much to go off of. But Courtney assured me he was a great guy and we would meet soon enough. (In hindsight and knowing Trevor as I do now, chances are he was just trying to get his friend laid. I doubt he thought we'd be as great of a couple as we are.)

Soon enough ended up being about a month later. If you ask Rob (that's his name, btw) he'll tell you we met at a truck stop. If you ask me, I'll tell you it was a blind date. Both are true. Courtney got tickets to a fresh faces concert at Jubitz, a truck stop in North Portland with a lounge called the Ponderosa. She got me to come because I heart country music and she also mentioned that Rob would be there. She got him to come because it was her birthday and she is a force to be reckon with for sure. For me, it truly was a blind date. I had no idea what he looked like. He'd seen one picture of me while I was cutting their son's hair, but I can almost guarantee you it was not a good angle of me.

We hit it off well enough to go out a second time and by the end of the first week (where I think we saw each other about five times) I was smitten. By the end of week two, I was referring to him as my boyfriend and by the end of April, he had met my family and all of my friends (courtesy of my birthday). By the end of May, I was technically, though not officially, living with him. We just kind of knew.

He proposed over Labor Day weekend. That story is super sweet and I have pictures for it too, but I will have to save it for another entry.

We are planning a June wedding. It will be small and intimate and a lot of fun. I am just hoping the weather holds up for us, since PNW weddings are always a crap shoot, thanks to the rain. But the last week of June is usually a decent week. I have my dress (its gorgeous) and my shoes, we have the location and the friend who will be officiating. We have asked our Best Man and Matron of Honor and they have accepted. Now it is just a matter of getting all the other million little details ironed out.

(By the way, do you know how easy it is to be ordained online to be an officiant? Its so easy, I became ordained the other night just for kicks and giggles. So if anyone needs me to marry them, I totally can do it now!)

I have to say I am so ready to be this man's wife. You'd think a girl would be thrilled to be able to plan two weddings for herself, but there is an underlining layer of dread in me. It is like having a second job, planning a wedding. And in the end, it is all for ONE DAY. One incredible, magical, unforgettable day, but one day nonetheless. So we are trying to be reasonable (okay, I am trying to be reasonable) and keep things to a budget that won't make us cringe, ever.

And if I ever worry about family and close friends feeling denied a huge, elaborate wedding, I remind myself that my brother is getting married in early March and they will all get their fill there. I am so thrilled to be Maid of Honor in that wedding. It's pretty awesome to be close enough to your brother's future wife that she asks you to be her MOH. I had hoped I would get a sil that was that awesome; I just never dreamed I would.

To be fair, I am gaining two sisters this year, as Rob has a younger sister named Melissa. We haven't met in person, but we have hit it off on facebook and we seem to have common interests. I mean, she's a Joss Whedon fan, so really, that was all I ever needed to know.

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