Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tales from the treadmill

It was a unique experience tonight to be the one on the treadmill who was exerting more energy. I got home from school about 8:30 and immediately changed and headed over to the gym to workout. The lights were pretty dim in the gym, so I assumed that no one else was in there, but as I walked in, I was greeted with the eyes and cautious smile of another girl my age walking on my favorite treadmill (really - does it matter? There are only two.). She was strolling and talking on the phone, so I just smiled back and took the other treadmill and started up my gym mix on the iPod.

I had to turn the music up loud enough to mostly drown her out, because I didn't really want to eavesdrop on her conversation (I'm not that kind of girl). It's strange, but having her there made me push myself a little harder, not because I wanted to beat her, but just because someone else was there.

She chatted for awhile and then finally finished up her convo and then pulled open her novel, never really increasing her treadmill.

Yeah. Boring story. But it did make me feel good that I was practically speed walking (a la that Comcast commerical) in next to her. Usually I am the tortoise and everyone else is the hare. Also, I've shaved a minute and a half off of my time!

So . . . just wondering if anyone else has accidentally put an iPod through the wash? I did it last night to Mike's and we are hoping now to see some kind of life in the thing. A few girls at school had promising, similar stories of MP3 players and cellphones that went swimming and returned to the living. I just feel so bad. This is exactly why we don't do each other's laundry. Sad face.

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