Sunday, August 10, 2008

Looking forward, looking back

Week one is done, with a sigh of relief and optimism. I stayed within my daily points everyday except for Friday, which was the night of Rondi's birthday party and I feel good about it all. I have spent all week finding healthy alternatives to the meals I made Mike (like an eggwhite omelet and slice of toast to his pancakes and scramby eggs this morning) and can proudly say there is an impressive loss this week.

Tomorrow Mom and I will meet up and spend our day together, starting with our official weekly weigh ins and a good walk somewhere, whether it be the waterfront or a portion of the Discovery Trail. It's definitely easier to do this when you have someone (or someones) doing this with you, every step of the way. Several of the girls at school are doing WW or working on their weight and we can all share ideas and recipes together while trying to ignore the fatty snack filled vending machine in the shampoo room.

When weight starts falling off quickly, my mind does like to jump to the highly improbable, highly imaginative possibility of losing that same amount every week. I do the math and see how quickly I could be at my goal weight, but I know that 1. Weight loss doesn't fall off like that unless there is something seriously wrong and 2. The faster you lose it, the faster you regain it if you aren't careful.

Its a very interesting parallelism between being proud of everything that you do, every goal you reach and every pound (or half) you lose and not looking like you are a gloating b&!*h who is only fishing for compliments. I think anyone who takes their health into their own hands and takes the right steps towards being healthier deserves a pat on the back and a round of applause. But while doing this, I am going to try hard to document and talk openly about it all without making it feel like "Planet Look at me!"

Anyone got any great song suggestions for my gym playlist? Mine current one is getting a bit stale . . .

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