Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why do I want this so badly???

1. Because I don't want to cringe when I see myself:
    A. Naked in a mirror
    B. Fat in a picture
    C. Unable to fit into a cute piece of clothing

2. Because I have too many cute things in my closet I want to wear.

3. Because being happier with myself means being happier with many aspects of my life.

4. Because I don't really like wearing control top underwear or Spanx.

5. Because I want to be thin before I get fat with a pregnancy.

6. Becase I have a box of skimpy underwear I put away years ago, before I ever even met Mike. He deserves to see me in them.

7. Because if I do it, I'll be an inspiration to others in my life who want to lose weight with me.

8. Because I want to look damn good at my high school reunion next year.

9. Because feeling fit and healthy is much better then chocolate, french fries and cheesy bread.

10. Because I am determined to be as hot as my best friends.

11. Because I am sick of shopping for size 12, 14 or XL when an 8, 10 or medium could fit me.

12. So I don't have to do the arm pose or head tilting to look thinner in pictures.

13. Because so many articles of clothing I currently wear would look better on me a little looser.

14. Because there is something so empowering about seeing:
    A. Before and After shots
    B. Clothes fitting that didn't before
    C. The numbers on the scale get lower.

15. Because I can only hide under winter layers for so long.

16. Because standing all day will be easier on my body if I weighed less.

17. Because there are so many foods out there that are tasty and healthy.

18. Because I want to finally fulfill this particular New Year Resolution.

19. Because who doesn't love to hear compliments of how thin/skinny/good they look?

20. Because Mom has put off a family portrait too many years in hopes of us losing weight.

21. Because WW meetings are fun when you don't have to pay for them.

22. Because deep down, I'd love to try on my wedding dress and have it be way too big.

23. Because there is that picture of my mother I would love to look like when I reach that age (I still can!).

24. Because I have been promising myself I would "someday" achieve this for too long.

25. Because I don't want to live my whole adult life feeling fat.

26. Because I deserve to see what my husband sees in me.

27. Because the less I weigh before pregnancy, the less I'll weigh at the end of it.

28. Because if one of the few things we can control in life is our weight, I should be in correct control of my own.

29. Because if I ever meet Mike's co-workers, I want him to be proud of a hot, thin, beautiful wife.

30. Because continually improving myself mind, body and soul is a great path to be on.

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