Saturday, September 27, 2008

All kinds of awesome

Leave it to me to extend an offer to a favorite blogger of mine and have her, in turn, mention/link me on her page the very day after I post an entry with pictures of me in my underwear. Sweet. I am all different shades of red right now.

It took a lot of guts to post those pictures, partially because I am not done and therefore, not entirely satisfied with the current results and partially because I know there are certain avid blog readers/stalkers out there who are looking for every detail they can tear me down with. Schadenfreude, folks. I've been more careful what rolls off my tongue these days for reasons like that.

But I am proud of what I've taken off so far and look forward to seeing how much further I can go by the holiday season.

As for school, I have 7 weeks left until I have completed my hours and take my boards and become a licensed cosmetologist. Last week, I did my mom's hair and gave her a new hair cut as well as my best friend Kate coming in last Saturday and I weaved highlights in for her. It was no different than any of our other customers who have come in, but it feels so different. For one, these are my dear loved ones. If I manage to royally screw up their hair, I'll know how unhappy they are with it and it would be a long time before I forgave myself or they let me touch it again. For two, if they love their hair, they are going to be more likely to spread my name and this is how I build my business post-graduation.

Tonight . . . we tipped Mike's hair. He asked for it himself.

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