Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Always and Forever

Mom called me tonight to let me know that the father of some old family friends of ours had recently passed away, unexpectedly. Though I hadn't seen this family in years, I still have many fond memories that include them and to hear that Brian was taken so quickly and at a relatively young age (54) is just heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers go out to Roz and David tonight.

I have had the great fortune to have two amazingly healthy parents, both physically and mentally. Sure, Dad had his cancer last year but other than that, our family has been most blessed with strong and healthy bodies. I just can't even fathom at this point the idea that one day, they won't be here. Mike has already had to face that day, first in his dad virtually leaving him and his brother to fend for themselves in the mid-teens and then again when his mom died. In many ways, my parents have somewhat taken him in as more than just their son-in-law, but also, their blood. They see how he treats their daughter; there is no denying he is family.

My mother and I have grown to have a relationship worth envying by girls who aren't that close to their's. There are the few topics we keep in the gray area, but the simple fact that I sent out a text to my friends to see who wanted to go see the last viewing of RENT on Broadway this last weekend and my mom was the first to respond? Speaks volumes. I have been a RENThead since I was 16 and despite the fact Sally knew virtually nothing about the show except my devotion to it, she knew she wanted to be there. And while she may not carry the love for Collins and Angel, Maureen and Joanne the way I do, she took another step in learning another piece of what makes me who I am.

Each family has their pluses and minuses. Some have many more minuses than pluses. But I know I definitely fear the day I know my father or my mother isnt here anymore, possibly more than I fear my own death. Because life cease to exist as I know it far more than it has changed so far.

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