Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Week by Week

When you start WW for the first time, or start back after a period of time of being entirely off the diet, you tend to have a couple of really good weeks of loss. Say the first week you come and sign up is "Week 0". You weigh in for your starting weight and go from there. Last week was my "Week 0". Today was my weigh in for "Week 1".

The first time I did WW in 2005, my W1 weigh in was -4 pounds. I lost 4 pounds in that first week, without exercise or even a scale in my apartment to keep me on task. My W2 weigh in in 2005 was -5 pounds. I lost 9 lbs in two weeks. Healthily. Smartly. Easily. I have restarted WW probably two or three times since 2005 and have NEVER had that impressive of a W1 and W2 loss.

Tonight, I thought I might be down 2 lbs, just because I have been working out daily. In conjunction with WW, I am still doing the 100 days of workouts and I know that has to be turning some of my flab a bit more muscular, right? So though I knew my 2 lbs would not be as inspiring and impressive as 4 or 5 or 6 lbs was in 2005, it was a step in the right direction. As long as every step I take is in that direction, I can live with the results.

So weighing in 3.6 lbs lighter tonight was a delightful surprise. Mom's loss was bigger and when asked during the meeting what she did right this week, she responded "Everything." I love how confident she is. But truly, she did do everything right. Worked out, tracked every bite she took all week and drank all her water. When we met for soup and salad at Applebee's yesterday, she opted for soda instead of water (even though WW now considers soda as hydrating as water). She was better than I was. So I need to step it up for a more lucrative W2 weigh in.

Fifteen days done in the 100 day challenge. It feels good to finish the workout. It feels good to push myself a little further, a little harder, a little longer. It feels good to put a foil star on the calendar for the day once I have finished it.

I like feeling good.

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  1. So how much water are you supposed to drink? Congrats on the great weight loss this week. I bought the Wii Active personal trainer game. It feels like it is doing something but I haven't seen it on the scale yet. It really feels like a work out but it is more of circuit training. I am doing the 30 day challenge so we will see if it works in a few more weeks. :)