Friday, February 5, 2010

Its the little things you've got to love

Love list #3, 4 and 5

#3 Staying up late- I am a nightowl. I can easily stay up well past 3 am without really realizing it. Sure, I see the time but it generally doesn't register just how late it is until I am finally climbing into bed and calculating how few hours I have until I have to wake up again. Much like saving EVERYTHING, I inherited this from my mother, who she inherited from her mother. We were up until after midnight tonight doing Mom's hair (root touch-up and cut) and as I am going upstairs to "get ready for bed", I hear her get on the phone with Grandma. When unemployed, staying up into unGodly hours becomes a norm for me and a hard habit to break when I return to the land of them employed. If I could regularly function on 4 hours of sleep, I so would. But I am one that generally requires 6 if not 8 hours.

#4 Naps - Hated them when I was little. Love them now. Especially on the sofa, especially after 4pm (which is normally the deadline they say is when you should NEVER nap past or it will hinder your ability to fall asleep that same night) and especially with the television on. Not sure why the tv has to be on, but it does. However, I do hate when I wake up an hour or two later and realize that I have in fact slept away value hours of daylight.

#5 Texting - I am not one to use Text speak. In fact, I tend to use full sentences, proper punctuation and spelling. Mike and I shared 750 minutes of talking on our cell phone plan with unlimited texting. We never went over 400 minutes, but we'd have been screwed if we hadn't had that unlimited package. I used to dream of there some day being a way to share and convey thoughts and feelings in short bursts to friends and family. Just never thought it would be through a phone.


  1. Before I had kids I used to stay up SO late too. But the years of having to get up way way way too early have kind of messed me up.. but I look foward to being a night owl again. I think best at night and totally feel the most creative ;-)

    I would like to say I dont text speak but yeah you know me better than that. I blame it on the fact that I text one handed a lot

    love this series its great

  2. "idk. . . my bff Jill?" You hardly sound like that! I love texting with you. It makes my day. :)