Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Not-so-green thumb

Love List:
#2 - Hens and Chicks

As hard as I have tried over the years, I really struggle to keep most plants alive. From bonsai trees to bamboo plants to even hydrangea, I have managed to nearly, if not completely, kill most plants put into my care for longer than a few weeks. The only plants that I have ever had success with are Hens and chicks.

Perhaps I should mention that these plants seem to do the best when they are almost completely left alone. Once rooted, you can water them about once every two weeks and they will do far better than if you preen over them. I should know; I have taken both approaches with them.

I can remember my mother growing them when I was little, as well as mothers of my friends. You plant one and within a few months, it's sprouting babies and then those babies are having babies and before you know it, you have pots spilling over the sides with these rosettes.

It saddens me that I have to greatly condense my collection, as I have spent the last five years growing and proudly showing interested friends my "babies". A number of my mother hens I received from my mother and my father is cringing at the idea that I will be bringing back more pots than I have taken from here in these past years. Sarah, who is also a fan of hens and chicks, will be taking several pots off of my hands, but I am still not all that sure what do with the rest of them.

This was my apartment garden of them back in 2005. It has nearly tripled in size now. I will be so sad to see so much of it go . . . But they are easy to grow and easy to find. Especially easy for me to love.


  1. me too! I cant wait to have more. I dont even care if they are basically the only plant I have ;-) they remind me of being little. Kind of remind me of California and also of you and me.. so whats not to love about such a great plant

  2. If you have left overs that need a home, we love them and will be more than happy to provide a home. :)