Sunday, August 29, 2010

30 before 30

The inevitable is coming . . . I'll be turning 30 on April 24th, 2011. And while I may be a little late on really getting started on accomplishing (or even finishing) this list, I am trying to tackle some of the things on here before I close out my 20's.

1. Achieve my dream body (Drop the weight, achieve desired tone and definition)
2. Take a finance class (Dave Ramsey here I come!)
3. Go see a movie entirely alone (sad, huh?)
4. Finish writing the novel (Nothing More, that is)
5. Get my passport (You know, so I can finally travel)
6. Learn to make tamales (They just look hard) 
7. Read camera owner's manual and really learn my camera (I never read owner's manuals)
8. Improve my photography skills (This will be easy . . . they are pretty basic right now)
9. Learn to crochet (Seems that it is coming back into fashion)
10. Brush up on my calligraphy (I used to be decent at it)
11. Sing karaoke alone (Also, preferably not drunk)
12. Road trip with Sarah (Anywhere. I don't care where we go)
13. Finish the cross stitch I started for Mom in 2001 (I doubt she'll want it but yeah, its time)
14. Write and deliver an amazing toast at Kate and Joe's wedding - Did it! August 8th, 2010
15. Be able to do 30 minutes on the step mill (Right now I can do 12 minutes tops. Rumor has it, it gives you a booty!)
16. Be able to do hanging crunches (Six pack, here I come!)
17. Run a half marathon 5k (hahaha! Trying to keep it realistic)
18. Actually learn to like running (because I usually only run if I am being chased!)
19. Read "The Secret" (I never finish self-help books)
20. Learn to meditate (Shut off my brain? We'll see if that is possible.)

This is where I ran out of ideas and started listing ones I had wanted to do and have already accomplished
21. Get a tattoo - January 25th, 2004
22. Learn to knit - November 24th, 2005
23. Do the Avon 3-Day 60 mile - July 12-14th, 2002
24. Pierce my navel - March 27th, 2001

And finally . . .I have slots for 6 more things. 

Anyone got suggestions for the last six? I realize this is my life and therefore, my list . . . but has anyone else done this?

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