Monday, August 18, 2008

Verbal Weigh-in

Ahh . . . week two is done and my weight is down, though for now it is still just a recovery mission as I attempt to repair the damage the summer has brought with it's bbq's and boozy goodness. I continue to amp up the exercise and feel myself being more energized throughout the length of the workout. It's kind of crazy that I am becoming this girl who looks forward to workouts and salads and Gardenburgers. Not because they are "diet" things, because this isn't a diet. It's a lifestyle change. And each time I attempt to change it, a little more sticks.

I tried on that pair of jeans my mom got me for my birthday that still have the tags on them. I was a bit depressed when I couldn't get them buttoned without muffin top spilling over, but they were buttoned and when I stopped and looked at the tag, I saw they were a size smaller than I thought they were. So technically, I can fit into size 10's, but it ain't a pretty sight. We'll try those again in ten pounds and see if there are better results.

The weekends are the hardest, when I have time on my hands and the kitchen seven feet away. Oh, and a husband who likes meat and potato meals. Like tonight's Meat Loaf and smashed potatoes. But after using the hand WW online tool for recipe building (and recipe points breakdown), I opted to drop the number of points per serving for our Meatloaf recipe for Turkey and even Mr. Meat and Potatoes himself liked it.

Now I just need to get him turned onto Gardenburgers. They really are delicious.

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